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Tour guide Slemco Ciprian

romana english italiana deutsch espanol francaise magyar rusa Imagine ghid Slemco CiprianHome city: Suceava, Home country: Romania

Foreign languages: English - very good, Spanish - good, Italian - good

Known countries:
Belarus, Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Polonia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ucraina, Ungaria
(Total: 9)

Known cities:
Republica Moldova: Chisinau, (1)
Romania: Baia Mare, Suceava
(Total: 3)

Known regions:
Romania: Brasov, Bucovina, Maramures, Marginimea Sibiului, Moldova, Tinutul Secuiesc, Transilvania
(Total: 7)

Travel Agencies (collaborations):
Hellobucovina Travel & Tours
Area: National
Specializations: religious tours, cultural tours, archaeological tours, city tour, circuits, art
Charge per day: 80 euro
Age: 8 years
Internal (incoming) guide: Yes
External (outgoing) guide: Yes
Driver: Yes

Phone: +4 0744292588
E-mail: hellobucovina [@]
Age: 38 years
Sex: Male

Nterested in colours and tales, driven by passion and faith. That would be my short, self-made description. Ciprian Slemco, freelance tour guide from Bucovina, Suceava, Romania.

The colours? Take the Voronet blue, the Sucevita green, the Purcari or Corcova red or the overwhelming yellows of the Bucovina forest in the fall. That is what I call beauty.

The tales? From the highland shepherd to the heterogeneous community in remote villages like Poiana Micului, I like to stop and listen to people, their stories and transmit them to my guests. That is what I call a fragrance.

The passion? I started as an independent guide providing inexpensive tours for backpackers in 1999. Some things have changed since that point: I met many wonderful people, I have created informative websites and developed a full service travel agency, I have worked with journalists, ambassadors, corporations, independent travelers. That is what I call the joy of doing what one loves.

The faith? I do not take the UNESCO-listed, painted monasteries of South Bukovina as mere museums, because they are far more than that: they follow the faith of my family and the life principles I have always followed. That is what I call belief.

Other than that, there is not much I want to say about myself. There are instead those I have worked with and kept on coming back. Guidebooks that recommended my services over the time, such as Lonely Planet Romania & Moldova or Rough Guides Romania in several editions, the U.S. and Denmark embassies, the American School in Romania, major corporations and multinational companies such as Estee Lauder. Apart from them, the Washington Post or articles I was featured in speak more of what the others think of my activity as a professional finding great interest and joy while traveling through South or North Bucovina and the Republic of Moldova.

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